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Presenting your research is a great way to share findings, promote the work that inspires or engages you, network, and practice communicating your work to a wide audience. Consider Undergraduate Research and Inquiry Days as a place to start.

Explore the various research projects completed in years past, discover what's trending in the science field, and see how you can get involved in next year's event on the URD website!

Own It strives to recognize women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at the University of Wyoming.  The event and award serves to help increase the visibility of an often overlooked group in STEM, which can be fundamental in encouraging women to participate in science.  Discover the humble beginnings of the event, view the names of past winners, and nominate that outstanding female scientist in your life on the Own It website.


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Science Loves Art (SLA) is an organization that supports both physical and virtual artistic connections to science.  SLA promotes a creative approach to science in their online and pop up exhibitions as well as the various workshops and events they host.  Discover a new, illustrative approach to science by exploring the Science Loves Art website and social media accounts.

SRAP provides qualified students with a meaningful, hands-on experience in science,
mathematics, statistics, and/or engineering research. The ultimate goal of SRAP is to stimulate interest in one of these fields for a college major and ultimately as a career choice.  Are you interested in joining our summer program?  Find your application on the SRAP website!

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The microbestiary is a program and website hosted by the University of Wyoming.  It seeks to illustrate the microbial world by inviting professional artists to offer their takes on individualized and specialized microbes.  Program coordinator, Erin Bentley explains, “We essentially use art to make science more accessible.”  Check out their website to explore the project further.

Many of the most pressing issues facing the western United States hinge on the fate and transport of water and its response to diverse disturbances, including climate change, bark beetle infestations, and energy extraction. A grand challenge for water resources management is to optimize water allocation among stakeholders whose diverse needs range from watering crops to extracting fossil fuels, safeguarding drinking water, and delivering water to downstream communities.  To learn more about this issue and what WYCHEG is doing to implement solutions, head to their website.


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The University of Wyoming’s ecology graduate program provides students with advanced, integrated training in the science of ecology.  The Program in Ecology (PiE) is an interdisciplinary doctoral program that focuses on the scientific study of the relations between organisms and their environments.  Learn more about the program and its students here.

EPSCoR encourages partnerships inside and outside of the boundaries of the University of Wyoming.  Such partnerships include community colleges around the state.  One of EPSCoR’s most prominent partnerships is with Central Wyoming College (CWC).  Micro-grants were set up to help community colleges, such as CWC,  to redistribute funds back into the greater Wyoming community.  Learn more about the source of these funds and the work they are funding here.

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