WyACT workshop with stakeholder groups at the UW-NPS Research Station, AMK Ranch.

The purpose of this workshop was to understand the Teton context and stakeholder concerns in order to design a integrated pilot project that is relevant, legitimate, and salient while bounded enough to accomplish during the next 1-2 years. In order to facilitate those conversations we used a "world cafe" format where participants were given the opportunity to talk through questions in small groups. Groups discussed 1) pressing management concerns and questions, 2) drivers of change and scenarios of interest, 3) existing and needed data and information and 4) desired future processes for engagement. Next steps include ongoing interaction through scenario planning, bounded integrative modeling to answer management-relevant questions, compiling a document to assess the state of health in the Snake River, and planning for an ongoing observation network. To read more about next steps please see this document.

Videos from Workshop: