SRAP...The Program You've All Been Waiting For

pandemic-online-learning-digital-learning[1].jpgThe Summer Research Apprentice Program (SRAP) serves as an opportunity to further STEM involvement for high school students.  A large supporter of underrepresented and first generation college students, the program prides itself on offering hands-on experience for young researchers.  SRAP aims to engage youth in STEM-related activities while providing access to resources that ensure higher education success.  

Students who participate in the SRAP program will experience living and dining on the University of Wyoming campus, engage in fieldwork, lab experiments, and data analysis, complete an end-of-program research presentation, and take part in educational outings.  A typical day might include waking up in a residence hall on campus, getting around, and heading to Half Acre Gym for a quick workout before eating breakfast with your friends at Washakie Dining Center.  From there, you and your cohort head to the field or the lab to work with your mentor on a personal research project.  Maybe you finish early and get to explore UW's Native American Education Research and Cultural Center.  You wrap up the day with dinner at the dining hall and prep your bag for that weekend's adventure to Pike's Peak before heading to bed, snug in your dorm room.  


While SRAP does its best to offer this immersive experience each year, COVID-19 is changing the way our summer 2021 program looks.  Participants will be able to tackle unique research projects from the comfort of their own homes using personal soil science kits that will be shipped to their door at the beginning of the program.  In addition to having their own equipment, participants will meet weekly with their mentors, and other UW faculty, via Zoom.  Each student will still have the opportunity to present their research findings, and can earn up to $1,920 upon full completion of the program and equipment return.

This year's SRAP program may look a tad different, but upholds the promise of STEM immersion for young researchers.  Wyoming EPSCoR is thrilled to be creating a one-of-a-kind online STEM experience for our 2021 participants!  

If you, or someone you know, is interested in the program or has further questions, please don't hesitate to check out our website or reach out to our SRAP Coordinator, Lisa Abeyta.  Lisa can be reach via email at, or by phone at (307)766-6059.

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